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Friday, August 26, 2005

  Hey!!! omfg it's been so long, I bet there is not a single person who even remembers that this page existed. Well just to update you blog on my life.....I'm in college now...USC!! Ummmm let's see in my senior year I had 2 boyfriends and an undisclosed number of other "extracurriculars" don't worry, it's not that bad. I also had a husband who dumped me 3 days after i moved out. hmph. anyways I had a good senior year, I reunited a lot with all my old friends from before what our good friend you know who likes to call "the dark ages." Plus I had my own mob that I organized everything for. I dunno what else to tell you, there's like so many stories. But yeah college is awesome right now. I'll ttyl.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

  Wow I had a totally weird dream.

I was at disneyland. But not the real disneyland, the disneyland layout that I always dream about. What I mean is, whenever I dream about Disneyland it's a different layout then what the actual disneyland is. anyways, I was with my mom. We were near the line for small world, and we saw Jenny and Debbie and we were all freaking out. then as we were reuniting we saw robin and tina and they joined us. Then we saw Cory and were all happy except something wasnt really right with her. She was knda happy to see us but then she walked away and danielle started telling us how she had a bunch of problems and ran away from home.Then everyone decided to leave cause the park was going to close soon. but I guess I really wanted to ride Space Mountain. so I ran all the way there but when I got there it was too late, the line was already closed. so then had to jump on the metal platforms that are over the big lake and I almost fell cause they were putting them away, but I made it. Then I found this big yoga ball, and a worker told me to take it to room 241. So I started looking for that room... I walked through the store area, and the store in the tree that has all those necklaces. And then I saw the pocahontas ride and it looked like it was still open so I tried to go in the line but it was closed too. then I finally found room 241 in the alley where the apartments are and I gave the ball to this girl and this guy who were repairing equiptment at a sewing machine. Then I tried to look for my family to leave. I saw their car driving aroud outside the park so I went out at the nearest exit but they were already gone. I had left from an obscure exit so it was gonna take me forever to get to the main entrance where they would probably look for me. So I walked as far as the corner where Ruby's is and I went into the booth where there is a phone and a table.I really wanted to call steven but I knew that the responsible thing would be to call my dad's cell. for some reason they brought me a chili burger and the hostess was like "I just want to know, are you the person who called and cancelled?" and I was like "no, I'm not eating I just need to use the phone, how much is it?" and she was like "75 cents" and so I started rummaging around in the change pocket of my wallet. and then I woke up.

So yeah...that was kinda weird.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

  Dear blog,
I realize that I have been very nelectful....but it's because there's other weblogs that offer me more linkage with friends, its not you fault, i still love you. But I have returned to let you know something very important. Back in the old days when we were totally inseperable I used to whine and complain all the time about how much I wanted a bf etc. I just want to let you know that i've finally done it. And its not just for the sake of having a bf, its just awesome, when we are together everything seem better and the drama of the world is just not around for a little while. its great. I don't want to gross you out with this sappy-ness so I'll stop. But yeah...to think back to when you and I first came together I was a very different person and maybe it's better that I didn't have a bf until now, because none of that earlier stuff was right. But you got me through it so I thank you for that. If it wasnt for you i may have never progressed to this point. anyhow, I promise to come visit you occassionally, don't worry.
Love, Elizabeth

another misguided post by me at 7:22 PM

Friday, September 24, 2004

  "I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow..."
or as Trontz said "Thats whatchu get for f$%#in with them Mormons" ><

on a completely unrelated topic, I got a homecoming date! pretty miraculous, and like Kathy said "let's hope he doesn't have a sick grandma," lol. Anyway I'm happy and I don't even care that I didn't get asked, because doing the asking allows me to pick who I want lol. I know people who have been asked, gone because they couldn't say no, and had a crappy time.

I really like this CD! There are actually no songs on it that I don't like. Oh and guess what, I found a CD that I actually DONT like....me the "accepting of all music" girl. but yes, I really dislike Alicia Keys and her CD "The diary of Alicia Keys"

People keep thinkin I am Mormon....It's kinda strange...I dont think I act THAT Mormon but Fish said "It's because you act exactly like Brian" I dont think so.... Also someone thought that Andrew was my boyfriend due to my myspace photo. So now I REALLY need to change it because he doesn't deserve that type of bad publicity.

Bell game tomorrow--watch halftime!! YAY :)

another misguided post by me at 1:31 AM

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

  man, i come on blogger so little now, that everytime i come on, there is new features on this thingy. anyhow. I jsut had this convo with some guy, it was really precious, i shouldve saved it. But ill tell you about it anyway. I saw that andrew's sn was on so i imed him to say hey. turns out it's not andrew. It's andrwe's "older college friend" who wouldnt tell me his name. So we chatted for awhile and he asked me if i drink. I said that i didnt know and he said something like "you should drink. its possible to drink and still be sucessful." after awhile longer of talking he's all "are you hot? cause if you are, I want to meet you." and I was like "sorry no." and he's all "well maybe you have a nice body?" and im like "nu-uh." so I show him the me-andrew-prom pic and i say "see, told ya, at least im honest" and he's like "yeah!" whoo that was all very entertaining. I'm sure that if i cared my self esteem would be really low right now...but I actually think it was the most hilarious thing that has happened to me all day! (its 230 AM...so i have a ways to go still) lol. ya gotta love boys. no, not really. lol, sorry im still cracking up. I shouldve showed him a picture of taryn...teeeeheeee :)

another misguided post by me at 2:25 AM

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

  VHSFLUTIEgrrrL: Well np, I hate jerkface boys who dont appreciate their girl best friends

"Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... "- the great napoleon dynamite.

another misguided post by me at 11:46 PM

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